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Plants need the correct pH (acidity /alkalinity) level which controls how well plants utilise the nutrients that are available in the soil.  All plants have a pH preference, so it is important to know the pH level of your soil, you can then choose plants with the same pH preferences and avoid plants that will not do well in your soil or know how to go about supplying their special growing needs.   By testing your soilyou determine its condition so that you can adjust pH more accurately, effectively, and economically.  Includes pH preferences for over 400 plants.

When adding new plants to your garden, it is always important to test the soil before hand for its pH level. Each area you intend to plant should be tested as the soil’s pH may differ in various sections of your garden.

pH and your Soil
pH describes how acid or alkaline soil is. A reading of pH 7 is neutral, above means a chalky alkaline soil and the lbelow indicates and acidic soil . Plants vary in their soil preference, please refer to our ‘plant pH preference list.  The soil a pH meter enables you to decide whether to alter your soil or buy plants suitable for the type of soil you already have.  Full instructions included

Light and Watering.  For plants to thrive they need the correct light and watering conditions.  Over-watering and under-watering is common with pot plants.  Over-watering can occur when the soil looks dry at the top but the roots are still wet.
The Plant Light & Moisture Meter is an invaluable aid to determine correct watering and placement for pot plants window boxes, grow bags and hanging baskets.
Watering Guide.  The meter has a scale from 0-10 a booklet explains which reading is best for individual plants.
Light Guide.  The meter’s light sensitive cells at the top of the case measure light energy that directly affects plant growth.  Full instructions included.

The Soil Testing Kit uses a liquid testing method which is very quick and easy to use. Simply fill the container with a soil sample and the required test solution. Next, insert the plunger and shake for about 30 seconds before compressing the liquid into the test tube. Once this has been done, add the colour developer, shake, and compare the sample against the colour chart, following the instruction guide for further advice. This kit will not only measure the pH level but will also check the amount of essential nutrients there are in the soil, including: Nitrogen - important for the growth of vegetation, Phosphorous - a necessity for strong stem and root growth, and Potassium - helps to make plants more resilient to disease. The kit includes enough test solution to perform 10 tests for each of the nutrients.

Test the pH of your soil to ensure the acidity levels are correct for the plants you are growing or intend to grow.  Each area you intend to plant should be tested as the soils pH may differ in various sections of your garden.
The kit includes the necessary reagents to perform 10 pH tests.