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Horticulture is like anything else, you only get out what you put in.  Let's take hanging baskets.  If you use good compost and feed, and water correctly you will get good results.

First the compost.  Use a good multi-purpose compost mixed about 50/50 with John Innes no 3, next add a slow release fertiliser and finally a water retention gel.

Do not assume that because it has rained your hanging basket will be watered, in a hot summer baskets may need watering twice per day.  Water gel will hold water and release it slowly, a slow release feed will keep your basket fed for about six months.  

The secret is feed, it may be a little bit more expensive but a slow release feed plus additional feed with each watering and you will need a bigger bracket to hold up your fabulous basket!

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Happy gardening.

Part two Creating a variation of the
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Part one Creating a
Simple Hanging Basket

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