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Gardening Tips

Handy hints for planting trees and shrubs.

At the bottom of the hole sprinkle one or two handfuls of moisture retention gel. A few pence to save a few pounds!

Most trees and shrubs will grow quite happily in most soils. Unfortunately the most spectacular and expensive plants on the planet are lime hating, such as acers, rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, witch hazel etc. That means the ph of your soil must be below 6.  How do I find my ph? buy a soil testing kit and do it yourself or send your soil to a laboratory who will test your soil and send you the results. If you plant in the wrong ph soil your plants will be weak, turn yellow and probably die, and you will not only be disappointed but severely out of pocket, this applies  also to heathers and some other alpines.

Summer bedding plants.

Middle to late May is a good time to start planting. Our plants are fully hardened off and ready to plant in a prepared site.  Fork over, removing any weeds (especially Dandelions) and rake in a general fertilizer such as VITAX
Q4 Pelleted
Uniquely created for bigger blooms and brighter colours.


As a dog is not only for Xmas,

so a grow bag is not only for tomatoes.

You can also grow cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries,

peppers, sweet peas, bedding plants etc etc, turn them on their ends and plant potatoes, then at the end of the season put the spent compost  on the garden as a mulch…..simples !

are the most versatile of bedding plants, they can be used in tubs, troughs, hanging baskets and borders.  Colours range from delicate lemons and oranges to vivid reds, yellows, whites etc.  They will flower from June until the first Autumn frosts, and with a little care you can keep them for the following year.  A big plus is that they are unaffected by rain as the flowers do not go 'soggy'.  Although not necessary  spectacular results can be achieved by regular feeding, those in the know feed at every watering, example shown in a Hexham garden


Baskets or Troughs

Watch our videos of Michael Robbie
demonstrating how to create  
fabulous hanging baskets

Begonias and baskets from our Nursery at Warden.  Click on thumbnails to enlarge.